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  • Why to add gamification to your loyalty program
  • 12 examples of gamified features enterprise retailers can use to increase engagement, retention and revenue
  • Where to start with gamification

Based on the latest research, this gamification cheat sheet highlights opportunities to maximize customer engagement using game-theory and game-mechanics.

  • How Gamification increased customer acquisitions by as much as 700%.
  • Why Gamification tactics raised engagement and loyalty by 30% for brands such as Walgreens, eBay, and others.
  • Yet 80% of companies are currently under-utilizing gamification techniques.


It can seem difficult to leverage gamification. A lot of retailers think it involves creating a brand new retail loyalty app geared toward gaming — and that takes a while to launch.

You don’t have to make your gamified efforts complicated. They just need to be fun and relevant.

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